Student sessions

Besides tutorials and technical presentations, the programme will also include three student sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons): these sessions will be the occasion for students to present their (ongoing or published) work.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 16:00-17:20
16:00-16:20Enzo Erlich. An Introduction to Higher-Dimensional Automata
16:20-16:40Emily Clement. Languages of Higher-Dimensional Timed Automata
16:40-17:00Lucie Guillou. Restricting Dialogues in Broadcast Networks
17:00-17:20Sarah Larroze. Partial-order reduction methods for the verification of networks of automata
Wednesday, 16:00-17:20
16:00-16:20Côme Neyrand. Reachability in Infinite-state Systems with Dynamic First-Order Epistemic Logic Presentations: a Decidability Frontiere based on Event Postconditions
16:20-16:40Dylan Bellier. Plan Logic
16:40-17:00James C. A. Main. Arena-Independent Memory Bounds for Nash Equilibria in Reachability Games
17:00-17:20Tansholpan Zhanabekova. Semantic Flowers for Good-for-Games and Deterministic Automata
Thursday, 16:00-17:20
16:00-16:20Clément Hérouard. Secrecy by typing in the computational model
16:20-16:40Gaëtan Staquet. Active Learning of Mealy Machines with Timers
16:40-17:00Sylvain Raïs. Formal methods for designing robust robotic systems
17:00-17:20Chloé Capon. Generation of Counterexamples for Synthesis in Markov Decision Processes

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